Netizens' experience of early purchase

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Netizens' experience of early purchase

the decoration of pudding home is in progress, so the experience that can be provided to you at present is only the problems that need to be paid attention to in the early purchase. These are the personal experience of pudding and the lessons that spent a lot of rice to buy. I hope they can help you. The reason why the second article of the diary is written is that it can remind you earlier, and the second is that I'm afraid that I can't remember more and more experience in the future, ha ha

in diary 1, I mentioned the brand of main materials in my home decoration, problems needing attention in purchasing, etc. here, I bring out what I didn't mention last time and what you must pay attention to separately (I feel like the teacher's emphasis, ha ha)

1. About buying ceramic tiles. Whether you are in a large building materials city or a specialty store, you may encounter this situation, so you must be careful: many businesses will sell brand bricks mixed with other brands. Therefore, if you suddenly find a brick with attractive price in a famous brand store, or you fall in love with a certain design and color, and the discount offered by the merchant is lower than others, you must be aware that this brick may not be the brand you want to buy. When you choose bricks, you usually look at the color, price, discount, etc. few people will notice the brand on the price tag, so businesses are very good at exploiting loopholes, one by one. If you are aware of it, he will explain to you that this brick is sold on a commission basis and the quality is also very good. If you are not aware of it, you will be happy to think that you have bought the brand's special price brick. In fact, this is not the same as the brand's special price brick at all. This is the case with the bricks of the second bathroom bought by the pudding family. There are four tiles in my home, four brands, exactly five brands. The main bathroom is from Romario, and the kitchen is from Wittenberg under Romario. The balcony is made of two unknown kinds of bricks, which are cheap. I don't remember what brand. The reason for using two kinds of bricks for such a small balcony is that they are sold at a special price, 8 yuan a flat. When I bought them all, I found that they were almost the same. I took some bricks of the same specification, which are 10 yuan a flat, because the balcony needs a cabinet, and I can't see them. Ha ha. The second guard uses Shenzhen Ashka. I haven't heard of it if I don't buy it. I still haven't heard of it if I buy it now. This brick was bought in Romario's shop. After looking at the color and price, it was beautiful. When I had to pay, I suddenly thought of doing water measurement. The result was that the main guard was the best, followed by Wittenberg. The brick water of the second guard suddenly seeped in, and I was shocked at that time, The boss quickly explained to me what kind of consignment brand this was, and so on. I felt cheated and hated being cheated most. Seeing that my face was wrong, the boss immediately explained that I could change it to Romario's at the same price. In line with the idea that the utilization rate of secondary hygiene was low and the province could be saved, I accepted it. However, the brick was really bad. When it was delivered, it broke the most. Even the construction workers said it was not good, which made me quite depressed. LG said that the second bathroom should be used well, because friends came to the second bathroom. After several times of moving, the idea of withdrawing was stopped because of trouble and no time. Anyway, the appearance was not very ugly, and the quality was unbearable. It is said that the wall tiles seeped quickly. Comfort yourself

therefore, if you are planning to buy ceramic tiles, after choosing the color and price, you should do a water seepage test (floor tiles), which is necessary.

good bricks are not afraid of testing, so don't bother. In addition to other methods recommended by the great Xia to identify the quality of ceramic tiles, there is a very simple method is to listen to the sound, which seems to be similar to picking watermelon. I learned from the workers that the sound of bricks with good quality is crisp, and the sound of bricks with poor quality is stuffy; If you plan to buy brand bricks, you should pay special attention to the counterfeits caught in them to avoid being fooled

2. Sign the contract. No matter what main materials you buy and the price is negotiated, before signing the contract, you should review the contract before signing, not the specific terms, because the terms of the contract are similar, but the place written by the other party should be reviewed. This is very important. When talking, many things that are not mentioned may be detrimental to you. For example, whether the sanitary ware is installed or not. If you don't ask him or not and don't take the initiative to mention it, the contract will definitely indicate whether it will be delivered upstairs regardless of the installation or installation charge. There will also be additional instructions on the return and replacement of goods, which are written in pens, and some of them are relatively small and may not attract attention. In addition, it is recommended that you prepare a large folder with a transparent bag in the middle, and put all contracts, receipts, deposits, etc. in it, which is convenient to check and save

because the decoration has just been carried out, the experience is limited. I hope the limited experience can help TXM. Let's help you, hehe. I feel that the decoration process is like an open book exam. Everyone's test papers are different, and the answers to each test paper are the same. The more you prepare, the more you will gain. I wonder if I can pass the quick method like pudding family, hehe




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