The seven decoration steps of the home decoration

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Step 1: check and accept the house, take the key, use the network resources as much as possible, free resources, and invite professionals to check and accept the house

step 2: when choosing a decoration company, we should also make use of network resources as much as possible to find a decoration company or decoration team with good reputation on the Internet, and use the invisible media such as the Internet to restrict them. We should pay more attention to the construction site of the decoration team. The inspection of the construction site should not only look at the final impression project, but also look at the quality of the construction process, especially the quality of water and electricity concealed works, whether the construction is standardized, and whether the site management is in place, Use every small detail to measure the quality and level of the decoration company, construction foremen and workers

step 3: design scheme and decoration construction contract, which is a key step. Before that, you can visit more model rooms in the real estate, read more decoration magazines, read more pictures taken by netizens in the forum, go to the building materials market and furniture city more, and find what you like. Your thinking must be clear. You know what style you like, what style you don't like, and you can't be dazzled and hesitant, This is the worst time

once you have determined your favorite style, you can talk about your ideas with the designer. Go to the construction site, tell the designer your ideas, and let them provide you with suggestions on color matching, but don't place too much hope on the designer, especially the free designers in the decoration and repair company, mainly to let the designer express your ideas with renderings, Most designers of decoration companies just make a lifeless effect picture

the design drawings should be as accurate and detailed as possible. The design drawings directly determine your decoration budget and the construction direction of your decoration process. The so-called "sharpening the knife without mistaking the firewood cutting work", the preparation work must be done well, and the subsequent work can be logical

about the decoration design style, we mainly choose the style of furniture, the color of wall paint, the decor and style of wallpaper, and go to the model room in the bathroom. Visit more and pick out the look you like

when signing the construction contract, you should take into account all the projects you can think of as far as possible, and it is best not to have missing items and additional items. In this way, too many additional items in the decoration process will increase your decoration budget, which will affect your mood and capital turnover. When signing a contract, it is necessary to review the quantities and pricing units. The most important thing is whether the construction process and the materials used are worth the money

step 4: Hydropower transformation construction. Hydropower transformation is a major event. Once there is a problem, it is not a small problem, but a concealed project. We must grasp the quality. You can choose a professional team or let the decoration company do the water and electricity transformation. Anyway, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are a person who is not afraid of trouble and has a lot of spare time, it is recommended to use a professional team. During this period, you should pay attention to the construction between the professional water and electricity and the decoration company, the protection of semi-finished products, and so on. The responsibilities and division of labor should be made clear. Please professional water and electricity transformation, later lamps, sockets, switch panels, sanitary ware, faucets Who will install the kitchen sink and bathroom hardware needs to negotiate with the professional water and electricity transformation company and decoration company in advance. If you are afraid of trouble and don't have time, the decoration company will be responsible for it all, and the foreman will be responsible for it all. Just look for this person directly.





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