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For more post-80s and post-90s generation, the positioning of Easley's simple home style, small and fresh literary and artistic style, and the overflow of petty bourgeois sentiment meet their pursuit of high-quality personalized life

80 post-90s keywords ↓↓↓

personality | simple | convenient | self | changeable

Ashley home style ↓↓↓

simple, fresh and natural; Especially strong storage

the materials used are environmentally friendly and cost-effective

fashion is simple and not complicated, and the design is practical, simple and ingenious

meet the taste and quality requirements of young people for life

for more post-80s and post-90s generation, the simple style of Ashley home, the positioning of small and fresh literary style, and the overflow of petty bourgeoisie have satisfied their pursuit of high-quality personalized life. Moderate pricing can also enable many young people who have just entered the society to build their own home dreams at a relatively low cost

with Easley, your future is not a dream

modern simple style cases are strongly recommended:

house type: two bedrooms and one living room

area: < 60 ㎡

decoration style: modern simplicity

color matching: North American maple + angel white

↓↓ ↓

guest restaurant

living room and dining room, simple and integrated design, looks in a good mood

although the living room is small, it gives people a very atmospheric and comfortable feeling

the simple floor cabinet TV cabinet, combined with the splicing background wall, is always suitable for fresh and natural


people live on food. Let's visit the kitchen for the time being. It's very unique. Is there any wood

guest bedroom

guest bedroom is not inferior. Although the space is not large, the whole bedroom is also warm and practical, which is very suitable for guests

master bedroom

up the second floor is a chic master bedroom, facing the stairs is a place to read! Simple desk cabinet combination, wall space utilization, fashion and personality

on the left hand side, you can see the living space, including wardrobe, dressing table, bed and bedside table

very attentive wardrobe design, each space layout is full of love

the most romantic bed, sunshine is an excellent catalyst

the simple bedside table design gives people a casual and comfortable feeling without too much fuss

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