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The economy of aluminum alloy sliding door shopping malls is in the doldrums, and some companies are in a loss situation. How can aluminum alloy sliding door manufacturers help themselves? Guanhao doors and windows Xiaobian provides the following four self-help tips

trick 1: launch new products and establish a change fund

as the main force of "made in China", China's building materials industry, including aluminum alloy sliding door, not only shoulders a serious historical mission, but also will enjoy endless development opportunities. In order to better support dealers to do a good job in local shopping malls, a single company has established a "change fund" to provide diversified support for the company's dealers. In the downturn of shopping malls, many brands are "ambushing", and the high-profile product launch can not help but brighten the eyes of many consumers, and the popularity of the company has also been improved

trick 2: Pro self club, promote in the name of love

Pro self club, overturn consumers' understanding of home stores, and bring consumers a completely different feeling of home stores with the home experience based on the corresponding theme. Compared with traditional home shopping malls, pro self guild halls will focus on starting from the perspective of consumers and bring consumers different levels of home shopping experience such as vision, taste and feeling

whether it's sensationalism or innovation promotion, the pro self guild hall has opened a landscape. Why don't you mention the sale first? The company's reputation is already out

trick 3: innovate and change, win the mall with planning

be good at planning, and each new product will show new planning elements. Drawing on the planning elements of many planners at the exhibition, consumers feel the spiritual shock brought by classic works. Invariance is relative and change is certain. Only by changing, can we grasp the lifeline of the mall. The soul of innovation planning is change, in which we can find the development direction of the company

trick 4: strong discount, a permanent weapon

nowadays, all kinds of promotions and discounts continue to be heard, and promotional malls are crowded with each other. Under the economic situation, what can be more shocking than the haircut? The greater the strength of the button, the more it can attract the attention of consumers, which further explains the charm of strong folding





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