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Infineon Technologies AG paid a visit to inveterate at 14:00 p.m. on March 28, 2007, Mr. Martin (senior director of industrial energy in Germany) and Mr. Vivek (head of Asia Pacific region) of Infineon Technologies AG, the world's largest semiconductor supplier, and their agent, Mr. Ruan Hanji, chairman of Shenzhen yunengda Co., Ltd., visited inveterate in person. Infineon Technologies AG is headquartered in Munich, Germany. Its predecessor is the semiconductor Department of Siemens, which mainly provides semiconductor products and system solutions. It is also the largest IGBT supplier of NVIDIA at present

during the visit, the energy consumption per unit of industrial added value above the scope is expected to drop by 27%. The nine guests and Mr. Huang Shenli, chairman and general manager of inveterate, affirmed that they had a pleasant discussion on IGBT cooperation at 3 (5) key cooperation ports, which enhanced inveterate's understanding of Infineon Technologies AG. Infineon Technologies AG has also fully understood the history and future development of INVISTA, and colleagues feel warm about the development direction and needs. This meeting has taken a key step for inveterate to realize strategic procurement in the future. Mr. Martin hierholzer could not help sighing after visiting the factory of inveterate: inveterate is the fastest growing and promising enterprise among the enterprises he visited

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