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The industry will exchange the technology of special chemical materials. The technical exchange of special chemical materials and the information conference of new product promotion and transformation of achievements to models will be held in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province from June 13 to 17

the conference aims to exchange cutting-edge technologies, new products and new achievements of special chemical materials, transmit the latest information of the industry, discuss the product performance and application of special chemical new materials in the low-carbon economy, as well as the new development trend of important raw materials at home and abroad. The electrical part consists of load measurement system and displacement measurement system. Special chemical materials are important supporting materials for national defense, military industry and cutting-edge science and technology. In order to make full use of the national resources of high-performance materials and high-tech achievements and strengthen the promotion of military civilian integration, the special chemical industry committee of the Chinese society of chemical industry and the Jiangsu Military Industry Association jointly organized and held this meeting

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