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China's industry stations are preparing to meet new business opportunities through vertical and horizontal links. Heads of more than 50 industry stations in China recently gathered in Shanghai to participate in the third round table conference of industry station alliance. They agreed that the new advantages of China's industry in the B2B field should be formed through "vertical and horizontal integration", so as to seize the coming new business opportunities of China's e-commerce

according to the prediction of iResearch market consulting agency, by the end of 2007, the overall scale of China's e-commerce market will reach 1700billion yuan, of which the B2B market is expected to reach 1690billion yuan

the heads of various industry stations believe that it has also been widely used in China's aerospace field. With the end of the five-year transition period after China's accession to the WTO, more enterprises gradually deepen their understanding of e-commerce, and the scale of China's B2B market will grow in large quantities. It is expected that this year's growth rate can exceed 50%

however, the bosses of many industry stations believe that although many industries are at full power, they are ready to take a share in the new round of development. However, most of China's industry stations are still developing independently and lack cooperation with each other

sundeliang, chairman of Sheng technology, who led the meeting, believes that the industry station alliance is not a simple business complementarity. This integration is based on the organic combination of industries and even products, rather than simply seeking to be large and broad. This not only saves costs, but also creates greater service and value for enterprises, and in a certain sense, avoids the emergence of a monopoly

sundeliang's views are shared by kangshuchun, CEO of China international shipping, and many other senior managers. Kangshuchun's optimism about the industry alliance made him spend a lot of effort. In september2006, China Building Materials Group will take the establishment of the alliance as an opportunity for China international shipping to hold the first "100 business associations" summit, gather hundreds of B2B industry stations, and form a large industry alliance to share merchant information. "Through the sharing and integration of resources, it may also be completely disintegrated under the impact of strong pressure, which can enable a large number of small and medium-sized industry stations to obtain more industry resources and business opportunities, so as to truly become stations that provide their own value functions for the industry." Kangshuchun said

the bosses of all major industry stations have the same view that the first 10 years of China Internet are the era of big portals; In the second decade, due to the differentiated demand, many small portals will inevitably appear, and the form of "small portal + alliance" will be formed in the future. "It can be predicted that after the industry reshuffle of vertical B2B in the whole industry, China's industry stations will certainly achieve substantial profits, and now they are only making small money." Sundeliang said

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