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In the peak decoration season in spring, are many consumers unable to start when purchasing frameless balcony windows, and do not know where to start? The following editor will introduce you to the purchasing skills of frameless balcony windows, so that you can "be prepared" when purchasing frameless balcony windows

in the peak decoration season in spring, are many consumers unable to start when purchasing frameless balcony windows, and do not know where to start? The following editor will introduce you to the purchase skills of frameless balcony windows, so that when you purchase frameless balcony windows “ Be prepared to fight &rdquo

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frameless balcony window this industry has a saying like this; Six points of material, three points of technology, plus one point of after-sales service. " Only by combining the above three items can we get very satisfactory products

I Let's talk about materials first

the main components of frameless balcony windows are: upper and lower rails; Glass moving in the middle; Plus the accessories to pull them

let's start with the track: whether your balcony window is a straight line or an arc with an angle, their track material should be aluminum magnesium alloy (industry standard) Magnesium is added to aluminum alloy to strengthen the hardness of profiles, which has a certain proportion limit (some individual processors say to customers that the more magnesium content, the better is wrong, too little, the material will deform over time; too much, on the contrary, it is too brittle and easy to break) Now the materials are all composite metals, not the thicker the material, the better. The key is to see the content ratio of the material of the window track How to identify the window track material? If the conditions permit, it is still necessary to find an authoritative department for appraisal. But generally, the most effective thing is to look at the notch of the window track material. The notch of the qualified aluminum magnesium alloy window track is very smooth and glossy, and the notch surface will not be black, uneven, and there will be no large burrs on the edge. The appearance of the window track is sprayed with fluorocarbon dust-free paint (three spraying and three coating). Only after such surface treatment, the profile can be more anti-aging, yellowing resistant and smooth. (it is easy to fall off if the thickness of ordinary spraying is not enough, and small particles on the surface do not feel good.)

besides glass: the glass used for frameless balcony windows is all tempered. The quality of tempered glass depends on which glass factory produces the original piece before tempering. (this is very critical, because it determines the quality of glass in the future. If it is produced by a small company or irregular manufacturer, there will be impurities in it, the transparency is not good, and a straight line may become a curve!) Next, it depends on which tempered glass company tempered it. Before glass tempering, the manufacturer should cut the glass according to the size set, and then grind the edge. Note here: there are many kinds of glass edging for windows now: manual edging is basically eliminated, but there are still small workshops in use. Now mechanical and computer edging is used, but there are single edging and double edging. There are great differences here. The size error of single edge grinding is large, while the probability of size error is reduced by double edge grinding. Frameless balcony windows are not encrypted seals, why add them now? In the past, the grinding size error of the glass was large, resulting in a large gap in the middle of the glass and poor sealing. In addition, the tempering technology of some companies cannot meet the requirements, and the tempered glass is not vertical. So now some companies that make frameless balcony windows will not recommend non encrypted seals to customers, because their materials and technology can not meet the requirements of non encrypted seals. Regular frameless balcony window manufacturers will require the tempering company to mark the trademark, the mark of the tempering company and CCC Mark on each piece of glass they provide for customers to search and inspect. So I would like to remind you that what the salesperson promised you before signing the bill should be compared one by one after the windows are installed to safeguard your rights and interests

next, for accessories:

it is stipulated in the industry standard of frameless balcony windows that the up and down plastic materials used for frameless balcony windows must be reinforced nylon or nylon added with glass fiber, and the metal parts used for frameless balcony windows must be rust free. Otherwise, the safety and service life cannot meet the requirements. (now, some accessories used to make frameless balcony windows in the market are ordinary plastic parts, and the metal parts have been rusted. These can be seen on the sample windows they provide.) Because the frameless balcony window is hanging, the main bearing weight is on the upper track, and the accessories have been worn out for a long time, which leads to the inflexible opening of the window and increases the maintenance rate of the product. There is also the last accessory, you should pay attention to: the connection between glass and profile uses tempered gas rivets. This rivet is pressed and riveted with a pneumatic gun. The functions of the pneumatic rivet are as follows: first, the frameless balcony window is safe and will never fall off. The pneumatic rivet adopts the anti falling technology, and once riveted, there is no need to loose and fall off; Second, the frameless balcony window is beautiful and never rusts. The material of pneumatic rivets is stainless steel. The riveting is good and smooth, without the feeling of scraping hands; Third, the strength stability of frameless balcony window is high, because the pneumatic rivet gun is set at a pressure value, whether you are talking about one rivet, a thousand or more, its pneumatic strength is the same, so as to ensure its safety. Some frameless balcony window producers do not have pneumatic rivets and equipment. They use manual blind rivets, and those who are slightly responsible also use aluminum rivets, while others use rivets with high iron content. However, no matter which kind they use, they can not meet the quality and safety requirements of tempered gas rivets. So please pay attention to the differences of these frameless balcony window accessories when choosing




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