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It is well known that the outstanding advantages of broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows are high strength, good thermal insulation, large ventilation area and good decorative effect. So how to identify the quality of broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows is a topic of public concern. Here I share these knowledge with you

quality identification of bridge broken aluminum alloy doors and windows

from the aspect of profile quality, first look at the surface treatment method. If the surface is ordinary oxidized profile, first check whether the thickness of oxide film meets the standard. The thickness standard of oxide film is generally 10% for doors and windows as stipulated by the state μ M above, curtain wall at 10 μ M above. Oxide film has strong wear resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, can form a variety of colors on the surface of the substrate, and has strong hardness and impact resistance. For other surface treated profiles, it is also necessary to check whether the alkali resistance, acid resistance, wear resistance and weather resistance are good, whether the profile surface is smooth and whether the color is consistent

check whether the thickness, purity, hardness, toughness and compressive capacity of the profile meet the requirements, and whether there are extrusion lines on the surface of the profile, and then measure the thickness of the profile with a caliper. It is important to check the thickness. Some counterfeiters choose relatively thin aluminum profiles to make doors and windows for users. Such doors and windows are very unsafe

check whether the geometric angle of the profile is accurate. The profile cannot be bent or twisted, and the angle should be correct

check whether the thermal insulation strip of the profile is imported or domestic, and ask for the quality inspection report for verification. Thermal insulation strips include imported strips and domestic strips. Now domestic strips used in China are mainly plastic (PVC); The imported heat insulation strip is mainly composed of polyamide (commonly known as nylon 66) and reinforced glass fiber. It is resistant to high temperature and does not change its performance at minus 40 ℃ ~ 220 ℃. It has low heat conduction value and strong mechanical properties. It can reduce heat exchange and save energy by 20% - 30%

look at the accessories. Ordinary broken bridge doors and windows use domestic products. As long as domestic brands are products from well-known manufacturers such as Guoqiang and Jianlang, they are still good and can meet the general use requirements. Some accessories of high-end bridge broken aluminum alloy doors and windows are pure imported accessories, which greatly increases the service life of doors and windows and reduces the failure rate of doors and windows




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