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Following the successful signing of agents in Shicheng County, Ganzhou, Harbin, Xuzhou and other places, recently, President Wang of Anhui Fuyang and President sun of Guangzhou Baiyun District decided to join Juyuan

since the start of the new year in February, the good news of Juyuan screen terminal channel development has spread frequently, with good results! Following the successful signing of agents in Shicheng County, Ganzhou, Harbin, Xuzhou and other places, recently, President Wang of Fuyang, Anhui Province, and President sun of Baiyun District, Guangzhou have decided to join Juyuan, hoping to work together with Juyuan screen to bring more users with the overall security screen system solutions for mosquito prevention, protection, and theft prevention

Mr. and Mrs. sun in Baiyun District, Guangzhou took a photo after signing the contract

maybe every agent who finally chose Juyuan screen window has an amazing similarity in their selection process. Maybe this is fate. Mr. Wang and Mr. Sun, who joined this time, are "old acquaintances" who have been involved in the building materials industry for many years. Once they saw Juyuan's screen products in the stores of their peers, they began to want to know about this brand, and gradually gained a deep understanding of Juyuan's screen brand, which is known as "China's safety screen leader", through peer talk, online search and inquiry, telephone consultation, physical store experience, and visits to the factory, Finally, because the more you know, the more you recognize, you choose to join

Anhui Fuyang Wang general manager took a photo after signing the contract

with the continuous development of the building materials and home decoration industry, the segmentation of the market is also constantly improving. Now it is not the original era of comparing prices only. Now winning the market is not only more than products and services, but also more than brand value. Therefore, only by grasping the market development trend in time, can we better win wealth. Because of this, those who want to start a business have been looking for a brand worthy of deep cultivation and trust to cooperate

Juyuan screen has always adhered to the principle of customer first and user first, thinking about what customers think and worrying about what customers worry, constantly rectifying and improving, improving products, improving services and enhancing brand value, because we hope that everyone who chooses to cooperate with Juyuan screen can not only see the future and broad market prospects of the screen industry in the brand of "Juyuan", but also hope to become a strong backing for you to overcome difficulties in the business war, After all, we won only when you won

if you also agree with our values, the door of Juyuan screen home is always open to you. Welcome to join us





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