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Many parents will try to use the bright colors of red and green when decorating their children's rooms. In fact, this ignores the harm of color to children's mood, vision, character and so on. The color matching of children's room is also a knowledge. If it is well arranged, children will have a good mood every day: good study, good sleep, good spirit, and parents will be relieved

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fashionable color has become the main color of children's furniture

all brands of children's furniture on the market have made a full article on color. Its rich colors mainly include light red, bean green, light pink, orange, goose yellow, milky white, violet and other color systems, and the related patterns are also more lively, flexible and varied

this year's fashionable neutral colors are quite popular, while olive green, dark blue and light pink are the main colors. Calm colors and multicolor collocations are being liked by more and more parents and children

match colors according to age and gender

facing the temptation of colorful furniture for children, how should parents choose? The overall color should be bright. Parents can match colors, patterns and shapes reasonably according to their children's age and gender, so as to make the slightly crowded space more lively and flexible. For example, pink and bean green are the best for girls, which can be appropriately matched with big flowers or flowers, while cool colors such as gray blue and violet are preferred for boys, and special shapes such as stars and moon should be selected as far as possible, which can cultivate children's masculinity and rich imagination

children's room is a warm harbor for children, and it is also the place that has the deepest impact on their lives. Parents are reminded to avoid too bright colors when purchasing children's furniture, otherwise it will be detrimental to their healthy growth in the future

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