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In the decoration, the design of the living room ceiling and Feng Shui issues can not be ignored. Because the living room is the place that needs the protection of good feng shui most, which is related to the fortune and health of family members

first, tone

the ceiling version of the living room is like the sky at home, and the floor is the ground. If the color of the ceiling is too heavy, it is easy for the family to have “ Top heavy ” A sense of pressure. In addition, if the ceiling color is too dark, it does not conform to “ The sky is light and the earth is heavy ” Principle of. Therefore, when designing the ceiling, you should choose lighter colors, such as the light blue of blue sky, the white of white clouds, etc. And the floor can use relatively heavy colors

II. Height

here we deal with the situation that the ceiling is too low, because it will bring a sense of pressure to the living room. If the height of the ceiling is too low, you can choose the shape of high in the middle and low on the four sides in the decoration design. In this way, the height of the living room will look comfortable, and the height in the middle and the height on both sides will look like “ Tianchi ” Similarly, Feng Shui believes that this is a pattern of gathering water and wealth. So consider “ Tianchi ” The shape of the ceiling is also of great benefit to the house. If appropriate, crystal chandeliers can also be appropriately selected to make the finishing point

III. chandelier

many families will place a gorgeous chandelier in the living room, making the whole house look tall and N-level. The living room is the main business in Feng Shui, and the lighting must be sufficient and bright. Generally speaking, it is best to choose a round chandelier, and the same is true for ceiling lamps. Because the circle has the meaning of smoothness and completeness, it can make the career more harmonious and the family relationship more harmonious

IV. ceiling

for the taboo of the ceiling in the living room, the first thing is that it can't be designed into a mouth shape. Because the living room is where people work and rest in the center, if the ceiling is square and square, it will form a “ Prisoner ” Word. How unlucky this should be! That implies that family members tend to be biased, their careers are often desperate, and they are worried all day. Secondly, fishbone ceiling is also useless. Fishbone without meat represents poverty. In geomantic omen, this is a pattern that is very unfavorable to the family, career and financial fortune




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