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1. The content of the delivery acceptance form

the delivery acceptance form refers to the record form of construction project completion acceptance, which is one of the most important materials for house inspection. The delivery and acceptance form usually includes the following contents:

1. Basic information of the project, including project name (hydropower, civil engineering, installation, etc.), address, planning license number, construction license number, project area, commencement time, completion time, name of each unit (construction, survey, design, construction, supervision, quality supervision, etc.), signature of the developer and the owner

2. Opinions of survey, design, construction and supervision units

3. Other attached documents

2 list of documents of house delivery and acceptance form

list of documents of house delivery and acceptance form, mainly including:

1. Project completion and acceptance report, which is divided into five items, and its main contents are indoor environment inspection report, quality qualified documents signed by survey, design, construction, project acceptance and other units respectively, and original documents of completion and acceptance signed by acceptance personnel

2. Planning license and planning acceptance approval documents

3. Registration form of project quality supervision

4. Engineering construction permit or commencement report

5. Opinions on fire control acceptance of construction projects issued by the fire department

6. Opinions on pre acceptance of construction project archives

7. Project quality warranty

8. Housing quality guarantee

9. Residential operation manual

10. Other documents required by laws and regulations

3 inspection key points of the delivery acceptance form

1. Before the House acceptance, check whether the acceptance contents in the form are comprehensive, such as wall surface, water and electricity, ceiling, pipeline, area, waterproof, floor drain, etc

2. The problems found in the acceptance process, regardless of the size, should be recorded in the form, and write down their opinions and the solutions of the developer, and require the developer to sign and seal

3. Before signing the house, you must get the house delivery acceptance form before signing, and check again whether the content of the form is the one previously accepted, and confirm that there is the signature and seal of the developer

4. Confirm that every item on the delivery and acceptance form has been filed with the competent department. If there is no item, this real estate is a "black building", which cannot be occupied, and will affect the handling of the real estate certificate




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