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Yimi Yuntong: the rapid development of intelligent voice of medical AI, accurate communication and high-efficiency enabling

why is ai the way forward for the medical industry

when people are still discussing the future trend of the relationship between artificial intelligence and human beings, will it be replaced or coexisted? For such problems, AI, 5g, big data and other digital technologies have been applied to a variety of digital medical scenarios, such as 5g telemedicine, medical services, auxiliary image diagnosis, and drug research and development. According to statistics, by 2025, the total value of the artificial intelligence application market will reach 127billion US dollars, of which the medical industry will account for one fifth of the market scale. China has ushered in the development of medical artificial intelligence

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since the outbreak of the epidemic, the important role played by medical AI in the process of anti epidemic has made the medical AI heat rising. During the epidemic period, as a professional intelligent voice platform service provider that independently developed AI Artificial Intelligence +saas+ mobile Internet cutting-edge technology, Yimi Yuntong Institute hoped to have the effect of yu'e Bao version monetary fund from 1dan insurance company. The meter voice intelligent voice platform mainly developed by Yimi Yuntong Institute provided thousands of voice robots for epidemic prevention and control notification and investigation in Hubei Province and other ten provinces and cities, and won a lot of praise in the industry. However, no matter how fast the medical technology develops, in terms of the development of the medical industry in the post epidemic period, how to reduce the heavy workload of medical staff through the intervention of AI technology is what major hospitals need to pay more attention to

ai intelligent voice solves

human, work and management problems for hospitals

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with the increasingly fierce competition in the medical market, major hospitals not only continuously improve the level of medical technology and nursing quality, but also pay more attention to perfect return visit services, so as to increase patients' trust in the hospital. From the past experience, the return visit service not only helps to understand the real feelings of patients, but also helps to effectively improve the quality of medical services, establish a harmonious doctor-patient relationship and improve patient satisfaction

in the past two years, AI intelligent voice platform has been applied to a variety of return visits and nucleic acid detection in major hospitals, which not only solves human, work and management problems for hospitals, but also enables hospitals to improve human efficiency ratio

E-meter Yuntong medical AI intelligent voice solution

at present, E-meter Yuntong has become an intelligent voice partner of multiple third-class hospitals that require electronic tensile testing machines for flexible packaging. The self-developed AI intelligent voice products are ready to use without any hardware investment. The product Mi dialect AI intelligent voice robot has high intelligent ASR speech recognition, comprehensive NLP knowledge base and high anthropomorphic TTS, supports multiple rounds of dialogue, and asr+nlp judges the user's intention and supports disconnection. Moreover, all intelligent voice robots are equipped with professional robot trainers for high-precision training and management, and live voice recording to ensure the success rate of robot outbound calls, and a variety of voice to meet the needs of different medical outbound calls

return visit service application scenario

the meter AI intelligent voice robot can help in the automatic outbound calls, including obstetric return visit, satisfaction survey, physical examination return visit, activity recommendation and other scenarios. It can return visits to relevant users through preset mature return visit scripts. While ensuring the normal progress of the dialogue, it supports interruption, real-time analysis of the user's voice content, and automatically marks and groups the users. In case of any difficult problem during the call, the manual real-time follow-up is supported. The final follow-up results will be updated after the call is over to adapt to the large tension

nucleic acid detection application scenario

the IVR voice navigation of the meter voice intelligent voice platform can be applied to nucleic acid detection to help traffic diversion. For example, the voice navigation can be set to inform the existing detection process of the hospital, inform the detection precautions, and set the forwarding service personnel consultation. In such a man-machine combined working mode, the work pressure of the service personnel can be reduced by manually answering the following: the agent answers, Improve work efficiency and patient notification

personalized his system in the medical industry

in addition, for the personalized his system in the medical industry, E-meter cloud tongmi intelligent voice platform can connect with the his system in the medical industry through api/adk, enabling its own capabilities such as intelligent outbound call, automatic interaction, man-machine integration, customer classification, customer screening, etc. to the his system. The platform is only responsible for calling without contacting core business data, All call data are uniformly managed by his system of the medical industry, and click call and intelligent AI robot call can be realized by using only one set of outbound call platform throughout the province

in the era of artificial intelligence, Yimi Yuntong, an AI intelligent voice service provider that continuously optimizes, develops and enriches the medical system with the times, is willing to use more advanced and efficient AI intelligent voice technology products and services to establish an innovative model of information, service and marketing for more medical platforms

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