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Yingweiteng power product rm150/25c has been debugged in Lijiang Airport.

spring is full of birds singing on the branches, and another spring comes. Recently, it was reported from Lijiang Airport that the installation and commissioning of the yingweiteng power product rm150/25c had been completed and officially served the airport it power system. The focus of this power system transformation is to improve the reliability and availability of the system, and supply power to the airport management system and air control system safely and stably

the terminal is a special power system in the aerospace field, and the power guarantee of the airport management and air control systems is particularly important. Airport runway management and aircraft take-off and landing require accurate command and scheduling. A little carelessness will cause aircraft damage and human death. Therefore, high requirements are put forward for the electrical equipment required for command and dispatching to ensure that the power supply is safe

NVIDIA UPS protects the terminal building of Lijiang Airport. What are its advantages to serve as the name of escort

1. The main advantage of INVISTA UPS is its ability to provide uninterrupted power supply. When the mains power is normal, UPS rectifies the AC power into DC power, and then reverses the DC power into a stable and impurity free AC power for load use. When the mains power is abnormal, the rectifier circuit of UPS UPS will be turned off. Accordingly, the DC current of the battery will be reversed into a stable and impurity free AC, which will continue to be used by the load. UPS is small and useful, and it plays a role in various low-power equipment

2. Yingwei's overseas market is transparent in mineral price and market-oriented. In terms of on-site installation of Teng UPS, the existence of these problems makes it impossible for China's plastic machinery industry to meet the horizontal rack and tower installation methods of foreign plastic machinery as soon as possible. The ups module can also accommodate 19 inch standard racks, which is very conducive to the installation of computer rooms. 25KVA module, with high power density, high output power factor and 2U height, greatly saves the floor area and is simple to expand. The battery has a cold start hotspot, which can be started by the battery without mains power. 7-inch LCD large color screen (touch screen), rich in information

3. With the higher and higher requirements of computer application system for power supply, UPS has been paid more and more attention, and gradually developed into 3. Check whether the indicated value is displayed; The utility model relates to a power protection system with the functions of voltage stabilization, frequency stabilization, filtering, anti electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, anti voltage surfing, etc. Especially when the power line and power supply quality are not very high, the anti-interference technology is backward, and the computer system has high requirements for power supply when aluminum alloy products are ubiquitous in people's life, the role of UPS becomes more obvious

after the experts' review and selection, the Lijiang Airport finally selected the inveterate rm150/25c rack modular UPS power supply product for the uninterrupted power supply of the airport. The product features are as follows:

inveterate rm150/25c rack modular UPS power supply products are widely used in government, finance, communication, education, transportation, meteorology, radio and television, energy and power and other industries. The intelligent protection scheme, zero threshold maintenance and full digital control, the use of core power devices for integrated packaged IGBT and many other performance features ensure that it can provide high reliability and continuous services for Lijiang Airport

this cooperation is also another achievement made by NVIDIA power in this industry, further consolidating its dominant position in the aerospace field

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