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Yingda fights with Xufeng and Xuhai highways for geothermal regeneration units. Yingda fights with Xufeng and Xuhai highways for geothermal regeneration units. Introduction to China Engineering Machinery Information: Orange units and orange work clothes form a beautiful landscape on the vast and fluctuating land of Northern Jiangsu. Since August 28, Yingda has started to comprehensively renovate the two trunk highways of Xufeng and Xuhai in Xuzhou, This is the first time that the highway system in Jiangsu Province has expanded

the orange units and orange overalls have formed a beautiful landscape on the vast and undulating land of Northern Jiangsu...

since August 28, Yingda large-scale geothermal regeneration unit has begun to comprehensively renovate the two trunk roads in Xuzhou, Xufeng and Xuhai. This is the first time that Jiangsu highway system has adopted Yingda geothermal regeneration technology to maintain the trunk roads in Jiangsu Province on a large scale

good recipe for rutting control

in order to meet the national inspection and ensure the "comfort, smoothness, safety and beauty" of highway use, Xuzhou Highway Management Office recently adopted the internationally leading Yingda geothermal regeneration technology to rectify the rutting "stubborn diseases" of Xufeng (s322) and Xuhai (s323) provincial roads

both Xufeng highway and Xuzhou Haikou Xuzhou section are important trunk roads in Xuzhou area, with two-way four lane traffic and heavy traffic flow, which plays an important role in regional economic development. At present, the increase in the export of aluminum semi-finished products in these two trunk lines has led to a large demand for aluminum ore. The main disease of the highway is rutting. The average depth of rutting is cm. In addition, there are a small number of patches and pits, which have a great impact on the safety of driving

it is understood that rutting is one of the most common pavement diseases in China. The traditional milling, paving and micro surfacing processes have high treatment costs, serious pollution and waste, and the road disease is easy to recur after treatment, which is one of the important problems that have plagued the road maintenance department for a long time

"Yingda compound mixing technology has many advantages, such as environmental protection and energy saving, optimizing gradation, improving road performance, and preventing ruts from recurring after treatment, which is the reason why we use Yingda compound mixing geothermal unit," a relevant person from Xuzhou highway management office told us

On September 14, at the construction site of Xinyi section of Xuhai railway, Yingda compound mixing unit, which looked like an "orange dragon", was seen passing slowly. Before priming and painting, rust, molding sand, oil and other dirt were not carefully removed, and the road surface softened rapidly after being fully heated by the first three "heating kings". The "highway king" who followed it easily raked it loose, and the aggregate was not broken at all. Subsequently, a certain proportion of new asphalt mixture was added by the hopper car, which was mixed together with the original pavement materials, and then re paved on the pavement and rolled into shape

tangshiwang, the site leader of the two projects, told, "The original pavement grading of Xuhai highway is ac-13f type, and the pavement has insufficient heavy load resistance performance, including more fine aggregate, higher asphalt content and weaker rutting resistance. After a large number of tests and analysis by Jiangsu asphalt pavement thermal recycling engineering technology research center under Yingda company, it is decided to adjust the pavement to coarse dense graded (AC-13C) mixture with stronger rutting resistance."

at the same time, it is understood that the unique interlayer thermal bonding technology of Inda thermal regeneration equipment eliminates the weak joints and interfaces between the regeneration layer and the lower bearing layer, which greatly improves the shear strength and water damage resistance of the pavement. The experimental data from the structural laboratory of Southeast University show that the interlaminar shear strength of pavement constructed by Inda geothermal regeneration technology is three times that of traditional technology. "The increase of interlaminar shear strength directly improves the rutting resistance of pavement," said a relevant person from Xuzhou highway management office

to promote modern technology, mainline highway maintenance should also be economical and environmentally friendly.

"strengthening mainline highway maintenance management plays an important role in changing the mode of traffic development, promoting Jiangsu traffic modernization and improving the comprehensive traffic service level," Shi Heping, vice governor of Jiangsu Province, made it clear at the TV Conference on deploying mainline highway maintenance management in Jiangsu. At this meeting, it was made clear that the main goal of Jiangsu highway maintenance and management in the coming period is: "to create a safe, efficient, green and reliable market competitiveness will also further improve the highway network."

the research on the development planning of trunk highways in Jiangsu Province shows that by the end of this year, the total scale of trunk highways in Jiangsu Province has reached 13000 kilometers, including 4100 kilometers of expressways, 5200 kilometers of class I highways and 3700 kilometers of class II highways. In other words, excluding the national trunk lines, the provincial trunk lines will reach 9000 kilometers. In the face of more and more huge trunk line mileage and more and more perfect trunk lines, how to achieve green, environmental friendly, efficient and reliable highway maintenance becomes more and more important

the traffic management department of Jiangsu Province has always attached great importance to the promotion and application of energy conservation, environmental protection and new technologies, and has actively adopted Yingda geothermal regeneration technology in the maintenance and construction of several expressways and municipal roads informed by Professor Gao Guo. This time, Jiangsu Provincial Department of communications applied it to trunk highways on a large scale for the first time, which is a reaffirmation of Yingda company, which has been committed to developing green, energy-saving, high-quality and other technologies

"this technology deserves to be vigorously promoted throughout the province," this is the instruction of he Quan, vice governor of Jiangsu Province, on the promotion of Yingda thermal regeneration technology

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