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Yinchuan recycled plastic bags challenge food safety

put plastic bags on rice bowls

in order to prevent diseases from entering the mouth, Yinchuan officially launched the "reassurance bowl" project on December 31, 2002. At the same time, however, other "smart" businesses have come up with another brilliant idea - putting plastic bags on the bowls

in a breakfast shop in Xingqing District, the author saw enthusiastic waiters using bowls with plastic bags to serve brewing skins to customers. Plastic bags undoubtedly became a "hygiene pass". In the kitchen of this store, skilled clerks casually pull off the used plastic bag on the bowl, and then quickly put on a new plastic bag. The author asked Ms. Li, who was eating tofu curd, whether she had considered the safety of plastic bags. The Ms. Li said: "I think only bowls with plastic bags will not infect diseases, and it will be safer to eat. As for the harm of plastic bags to human body, I really don't know." The author noticed that although the porridge, fried dough sticks, niangpi and Malatang are packed in plastic bags here, customers still come in an endless stream. When tasting the delicious cooked food contained in the plastic bag, no one would think that the harmful substances in the plastic bag are eroding their bodies bit by bit

it is understood that most of the restaurants in Yinchuan that use the "technology" of covering bowls with plastic bags are small restaurants in the streets

the idea of "good classics" has been misinterpreted. Article 7 of the measures for the hygienic management of plastic products and raw materials for food issued by the Ministry of health clearly stipulates that "recycled materials shall not be used for processing plastic tableware, containers and food packaging materials." Many Yinchuan consumers believe that the current problems of recycled plastic bags have a lot to do with "speculation". It is this speculation that misinterprets the good experience of recycled plastic bag products and services

the temperature resistance increases with the addition of fillers. The production of recycled plastic bags is the secondary utilization of plastics, which can save costs, reduce white pollution and bring many benefits to the environment and citizens. At the same time, it has greatly facilitated the life of citizens and gradually become an indispensable article in people's daily life. But why are recycled plastic bags widely used to hold food

low cost is the main reason. According to several vendors selling breakfast and pancakes in downtown Yinchuan, for small businesses, the cost of lunch boxes is said to be too high - the market value of each plastic bag is less than 2 cents, while each disposable tableware costs about 0.3 yuan - based on the use of 400 plastic bags per day, the daily cost is 112 yuan. Because of this, they are not willing to distinguish which plastic bags are specially used for food

in the Yinchuan comprehensive wholesale market, when the author asked the plastic bag wholesalers whether they had told the buyers that these plastic bags could not be used for food imported directly, most of the wholesalers said they did not know that they could not be used for food, and of course they had not told the buyers. They said they had "no right to ask" the buyer for the purpose of purchasing plastic bags

several plastic products factories are not willing to be interviewed. Some take the "absence of relevant personnel" as the borrowing parameter setting: the length, width and thickness of the sample can be set, while others answer: "we only care about production, and we can't care about anything else."

it is reported that the vast majority of the recycled plastic bags sold and used in the market are plastic garbage collected from various places by many small businesses or family workshops, and then the waste plastic is broken, cleaned and heated by a recycling machine to make particles, which are sent to the finished product by the film blowing machine

loopholes need to be filled.

insiders believe that effective control should be established from the production field. Some small plastic products enterprises produce both industrial products and food products. Therefore, it is the first choice to establish a plastic food bag production license system to publicize. At the same time, the words "special for food" or "non food" are clearly marked on the plastic packaging bags, so as to supervise the manufacturers to strictly use pure raw materials and ensure the health of food bags

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