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Yilian started to build a global R & D center

ctiforum on July 9 (Liwenjie): on the morning of July 6, Yilian, the world's top 3 SIP Phone Provider, held a ceremony to start the R & D building. The construction of the R & D building will not only promote the R & D of Yilian technology into a new stage, but also become another milestone in the development of Yilian

Yilian always adheres to the road of high-tech leadership, high standard positioning, high growth and development, and adheres to promoting the development of the enterprise through technological innovation. As the top 3 SIP Phone Provider in the world, Yilian has successfully developed more than 40 products in four series, including VC series video conference system, experiment auto completion VP multimedia communication terminal, SIP communication terminal and DECT series, by virtue of 13 years of technology accumulation to connect polished fabrics to a certain humidity accumulation and innovation. Relying on its own technical R & D strength, Yilian products have successfully conquered picky European and American customers, and are widely sold in more than 140 countries and regions in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, etc. Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. relies on the business philosophy of "one group of people, one thing in a lifetime"

with the rapid growth of business, it is imperative to strengthen technological innovation in order to maintain the leading position of Yilian products in the world and better meet the wave of unified communication. The construction of Yilian R & D building will not only effectively meet the demand for the introduction of technical talents in the coming years, but also accelerate the construction of national laboratories, so as to ensure the leading position of Yilian technology R & D and seize the market opportunities in the future

Yilian R & D building is adjacent to Wuyuan Bay Business Center, covering an area of nearly 7000 square meters. After completion, it can accommodate nearly 1000 people at the same time. After the completion of the R & D building, it will not only become the management center of Yilian global business, but also serve as Yilian global technology R & D center to promote technological R & D innovation and the development of global business

the construction of the R & D building is a milestone in the development history of Yilian and marks that Yilian has entered a new development stage. Chenzhisong, general manager of Yilian, said that Yilian will also take the commencement of the construction of the R & D building as an opportunity to insist on using technological innovation as the driving force for its own development. How should we deal with the damage of electronic universal testing machine accessories? Qing, to provide more high-quality products and services for global users, and to build a world-class unified communication product and service provider

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