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Yingda "king of road repair" shows its rapid repair ability

Guide: I came to the road and Bridge Institute in 2007 and have been responsible for operating the king of road repair since September 2007. Our unit has two Inda road builders, one pm180 and one pm220. I will provide excellent and perfect after-sales service in accordance with the following terms: the most common road diseases we repair with road repair king are the cracks, subsidence and grooves around the well cover, about 3 square meters each

I came to the road and Bridge Institute in 2007. From September 2007 to now, I have been responsible for the operation of "Road King". Our unit has two Inda "road builders", one pm180 and one pm220. The most common road problems that we use "road repair king" to repair are the cracks, subsidence and grooves around the well cover. A well cover problem of about 3 square meters can be repaired by 2 or 3 people in 20 minutes at most. Before, there was no "Road King". It took more than 10 people to repair a manhole cover, which took two hours to complete. When comparing the working efficiency of the two processes, the difference is too obvious. The repair speed of the "road repair king" can be called "amazing speed"

the maintenance of "three middle roads" (Zhongshan North Road, Zhongshan East Road and Zhongyang Road), the most important trunk road in Nanjing, is our main work. The traffic on these roads is very busy. In the past, when there was no "king of road construction", at least 4 or 5 equipment had to be driven to the site during construction. The traffic must be blocked at the site. According to the regulations, these large equipment can only enter the site after 10 p.m., so the construction can only be carried out at night. Now, with the "king of road construction", rush repairs can be carried out during the day, and there is no need to block the road. The phenomenon of traffic congestion is greatly reduced

in may, 2009, at the invitation of Huai'an Municipal government, we conducted a demonstration of the "king of road construction". At the gate of Qingpu middle school on Huaihai West Road, there is a pit 40 meters long, 50 cm wide and about 15 cm deep. Pedestrians and passing vehicles must be careful to avoid, otherwise there will be danger, which has laid a great hidden danger for traffic safety. We used pm220 "king of road repair" to carry out on-site repair. In less than 4 hours, the road was restored to be flat. The repaired road surface had no weak interfaces and joints, and was firmly "welded" with the surrounding roads. Such amazing construction speed and perfect construction quality left a deep impression on the leaders and citizens present, and many citizens gave thumbs up after watching

in August last year, we received an invitation from Yangzhou Municipal Department to carry out on-site repair and treatment demonstration of manhole covers at Wenchang West Road outside Slender West Lake and several nearby roads. "Road repair king" once again demonstrated its unique repair ability: we first heated the well cover and the surrounding road surface with a heating wall, then sprayed regenerant, filled a small amount of new material, leveled and rolled into shape. In just 2 hours, 13 problem manhole covers were repaired. It is more than 100% faster than the average construction speed of repairing a manhole cover in 20 minutes. After repairing, we were amazed by the fixture characteristics and the first choice method of the tension machine we talked about before such a construction speed

according to the construction case of "king of road repair", there are still many twists and turns of the sample. With it, our average working efficiency has been increased by more than 50%, and tens of tons of materials can be saved every year, greatly saving the maintenance cost

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