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On September 12, the signing and launching ceremony of the strategic cooperation project between Yinchuan and Zoomlion to deepen environmental equipment manufacturing and comprehensive environmental management was held in Yinchuan. Maorubai, chairman of the environment and Resources Protection Committee of the Tenth National People's Congress, xuguangguo, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee of the autonomous region and Secretary of the CPC Yinchuan Municipal Committee, zhanchunxin, chairman and CEO of Zoomlion, and others attended the signing and launching ceremony

in recent years, after debugging the Sita high-tech 300KN clay brick pressure testing machine, due to the pressure test, the customer reported that the oil tank leaked! After repeated experiments and testing machines, the after-sales technical engineer learned that the number of leakage points: the tensile testing machine of the mud brick machine is clay brick, brick, etc. sometimes the customer needs to do a pressure test, and the insulation time is very long. Sometimes some units require to maintain it for 8 hours or more under the pressure of 50 tons Yinchuan vigorously implemented the strategy of "developing industry and strengthening the city", accelerated the promotion of new industrialization, made great efforts to provide sufficient protection for the screen, and developed new industries such as new materials, new energy, information technology and high-end equipment manufacturing. The industrial structure was continuously optimized and the benefits were significantly improved. Zoomlion is a global enterprise with continuous innovation, which is at the global leading level in the fields of engineering machinery, environmental industry, agricultural machinery, etc. The signing and cooperation of this project will effectively improve the level of the city's high-end equipment manufacturing industry, which is of great significance for improving the city's industrial layout and promoting industrial structure adjustment

the two sides further refine the contents of the strategic cooperation project on comprehensive environmental management, expand fields, promote in-depth cooperation, and make use of the convenient conditions of Yinchuan's opening up to Afghanistan, superior geographical location and resource advantages. However, the different experimental objects strive to build Yinchuan into an important strategic base of Zoomlion. On the basis of promoting and deepening the manufacturing of environmental equipment, the two sides will highlight the strategic cooperation in comprehensive environmental management, adhere to green development and innovative development, explore a new mode of comprehensive environmental management, find a new way for reference and learning, and make contributions to promoting the optimization of the urban environment

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