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Yingweiteng's photovoltaic strength appeared in the Northeast photovoltaic summit and Exhibition

in order to achieve sound development of the experimental machine industry

april, the second northeast distributed photovoltaic summit and exhibition was held in Shenyang Liaoning building. As an exhibitor, inverton PV fully supports the holding of this conference. On site, we showed the company's strength profile and explained our products to many visitors

as the industrial base of the Republic, Northeast China has a large number of idle roofs to be developed, and many cities are new industrial zones. The plants are relatively new and have high-quality conditions for building photovoltaic power generation. However, few roofs have photovoltaic power generation, especially in Shenyang, Dalian, Changchun and other cities with concentrated heavy industry, which are one of the few high-quality roof concentration areas in China

with 16 years of core technology research and accumulation, based on the demand and future understanding of the distributed photovoltaic parallel power generation system, and adhering to the product design concept of stability, efficiency and maintenance free, INVISTA successfully launched imars series series series series photovoltaic parallel inverter products. Imars series inverter has formed unique product technical advantages in product stability, efficient power conversion, low harmonic of inverter current, safe electrical access, etc. it can be widely used in distributed photovoltaic systems such as bapv (family residential roof, office building roof, factory roof), BIPV (building integration), commercial power station, etc., to provide customers with stable, efficient and safe clean energy

at this meeting, we had a full conversation with many friends. The production and R & D strength of the company has been unanimously recognized, and the exquisite products full of technical content have also been greatly praised. We are full of confidence to explore the Northeast market, and we will work hard to contribute to the development of Lantian

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about inveterate:

inveterate (Shenzhen inveterate Electric Co., Ltd.), since its establishment in 2002, has focused on industrial automation and energy and power, making every effort to provide value-added products and services, making customers more competitive, and providing users with the most valuable products and solutions. In 2010, the company was listed in A-share of Shenzhen Stock Exchange (securities code: 00233 load sensor to avoid fabrication, detection, manufacturing technology and overall strength. The signal that has been further improved is decomposed into two weight signals through the signal comprehensive processing device: one is DC feedback signal 4). At present, the company has 16 holding subsidiaries, more than 3000 employees, more than 30 domestic offices and joint insurance centers, and 8 overseas branches, The marketing network covers more than 60 countries and regions around the world

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