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Yilian won the golden I award of "2016 best enterprise video conference Product Award"

on December 16, 2016 China Internet Economic Forum, jointly sponsored by Internet Weekly of Chinese Academy of Sciences and information technology research center of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, was grandly held in Beijing. Yilian company, the world's leading UC terminal solution provider, won the I prize for the best enterprise video conference product in 2016 by virtue of its good market performance and product quality. Wang Weiting, vice president of sales of Yilian China, was invited to attend the event and had a round table dialogue

Yilian won the I prize for the best enterprise video conference product in 2016

this conference focused on the innovation of service experience in the Internet era and discussed the way to upgrade the Internet economy under the new situation with the theme that the service experience is about to change. The reason why Yilian company won the I prize for the best enterprise video conference product in 2016 is that Yilian video conference can help enterprises improve communication efficiency, optimize enterprise management, help enterprises better cope with emerging business forms and emerging technologies, and make contributions to the Internet economy. Wangweiting, vice president of sales of Yilian China, said that the first synthetic resin was born in human history

up to now, Yilian has provided video conference services for leading domestic Internet enterprises, including meituan and elong, to help them quickly improve their communication efficiency, effectively respond to market changes, and quickly meet the diversified market needs of users

at the same time, the excellent performance of Yilian video conference in terms of ease of use and cost performance enables enterprises to fear the cost and complexity of use, and enables more small and medium-sized enterprises to enjoy convenient communication and cooperation. Mr. wangweiting added. Yilian's unique video conference cloud management service platform helps enterprises solve the problems of high deployment costs, lack of public IP addresses and inability to communicate with sub venues, reduces the threshold for the use of video conferences, and makes every enterprise happy. 1. Take a sample as an example to enjoy video communication anytime and anywhere

at present, the favorable conditions for the export of China's plastic extruders are continuously increasing. The one-stop video conference solution provided by Yilian covers the conference rooms of large enterprise headquarters, small and medium-sized conference rooms of branches, and solutions for leading desktops and mobile terminals. The system is compatible with the world's mainstream communication platforms to help global enterprise users enjoy smooth communication

Wang Weiting, vice president of sales of Yilian China, said: Thank you for the recognition of Yilian video conference at this conference. Yilian will continue to improve its products and programs to ensure the highest quality standards. Everyone will analyze and evaluate the fairness of data to create the best and most cost-effective video conference products in the industry

about Yilian

Yilian is the world's top 2 SIP Phone Provider and the world's leading UC terminal solution provider. The products have been sold to nearly 100 countries and regions in North America, European Union, Asia Pacific, South America, Africa and other regions through authorized dealers. The products are deeply welcomed by users at home and abroad, and have developed into a well-known brand in the field of international unified communication

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